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Data Backup – Protect Your Digital Intellectual Property

Ensuring all important backups are performed now, not later.

Relentless data explosion and the high pace of businesses have led to a state where backups can no longer be performed within the backup window

Miss to act and you could face serious and conceivably fatal risks. Entrusting your data backup to us means you will profit from the utmost security standards and backup options.

At Silver Touch Technologies, we have developed an enviable portfolio of data backup solutions to meet the requirements of any organization; whether you need a plain archive to refer to or need a real-time replication of your data.

We combine technical and management expertise to develop a system that eliminates the risk, hard work, and deviations from backup processes.

Strategic Backup Strategy for Enterprises with Silver Touch
suitable Backup Option

We help you to choose your suitable Backup Option

On Cloud
  • Cloud Storage
  • Google Cloud, Azure, AWS
  • Customer Data Center
  • Third-party Cloud Storage
On Premise
  • Local Server Disks
  • NAS, SAN
  • TAPE

Benefits of availing Backup Service

Protection for any workload

Fast, reliable backups

Instant Restore

AI-based ransomware protection

Quick self-service file recovery

Physical Data Shipping

Backup Strategy

Our Backup Strategy

Centralization of data and use of consolidated backup software and hardware ensures efficient management of the backup.

  • It increases productivity and availability of key resources.
  • It gives the reassurance of more sound business continuity protection.
  • It lowers the costs associated with business disruptions that may occur during recovery.
  • It enhances overall organizational efficiency through improved deployment, service levels, and management of valued information assets.

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