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Projects Based on Verticals

Purchase Management: application was developed to manage the purchase process involving generating dynamic quotes and generating invoices.  This application could be useful in any sector where purchase process is involved.  This was particularly developed for a generic corporate office.  There was also payment integration using QBMS(Quick book merchant service).

Electronic Device Insurance:

Prototype was developed using the standard Salesforce objects such as Accounts, plans, contacts etc.  This project was developed for a mobile insurance company to be used for claim processing for insurance of electronic devices such as GPS navigation system, laptop, mobiles etc.

There also involved customizations such as objects for devices, claims etc.

The salient features involved customizing the access privileges to suit the needs of the organization and their end clients to be able to enter the claims and the claims to be processed in a workflow.

The project involved standard salesforce objects along with custom objects such as devices, claims, plans etc.

Health Insurance Brokerage:

The project is developed for a General Agent for major insurance carriers.  The system involves maintenance of insurance plans, processing of claims, managing RFPs for different plans such as medical, dental, optical in addition to Standard and life insurance plans.  The customized plans are also managed in the system along with the tracking of selling of the plans through intermediate brokers to the group companies for their employees.

The project involved standard salesforce objects along with custom objects such as claims, plans, brokers, groups etc.

Job Portal:

This system is a job portal for the medical industry.  The application allows jobs to be posted along with search based on categories for various posts.  Prospective employers can post jobs on the site and candidates can browse through the jobs posted as per their skillset.  The search is customized based on categories and sub categories.  New job postings are notified to prospective registered candidates through emails and the job applications are also notified to the prospective employers.  The entire flow of job posting to placement is managed through tasks with customizations in listings and search.

The project used custom objects such as jobs, categories etc.

Stock Quotes:

This application fetches stock value of various companies using yahoo finance apis.  This data is populated for a preset portfolio.  The data includes company information, key statistics, stock quote etc.

There are 6 schedulers involved in getting the stock related data from yahoo finance and synchronizing the stock data with the current stock portfolio.

Search Engine Campaign:

This project manages leads generated from various search engines for the clients and provides statistics based on the leads.  The key statistics include the spending, expected revenue from opportunities, distribution of leads across search engines in different date ranges.

The data is received through the contact forms and also through flat file which are reconciled to generate the reports.  One set of reports are also sent to the clients for their records.  The import and export is done using Apex email service.  This application is being developed as a product and will be posted on appexchange to be downloaded and installed on the respective clients’ org.

Leads Management :

This leads management system is developed for a Large Auto manufacturer to manage the leads generated from their dealers.  This application is also integrated with their backend application which has database in mysql.  The integration is done through a .net based middleware which synchronizes the data between their backend application and SalesForce.  The leads are managed for various programs initiated by the Auto Company for their various franchises and brands.

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