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Cloud based Billing & Realization

Cloud based Billing & Realization

Customised Invoicing & Billing Solution For Enterprises

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Enterprise Software Services Cloud based Billing & Realization

Bespoke Billing and Invoicing Software for Enterprise level companies

Our bespoke solution will help in integration with ERP or CRM software. It is a complete enterprise specific customized solution that helps in integrating with existing ERP/CRM solutions, work flow management system as well as management of accounts receivable.

Major challenges, enterprises are facing nowadays:

Don’t Develop, Only Integrate!

Our solution will change your perspective towards billing with bespoke invoicing solution specially customized as per your business.

  • Integration of API

    Our solutions will easily integrate with your existing software like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relation Management (CRM) and Warehouse Management System (WMS) with respect to workflow management. This will drastically reduce your efforts you are currently investing in these processes and hence there will be a huge cost savings.

  • Tailored Solution

    We offer user specific workflow & permission management, auto reconciliation and user roles and responsibilities.

  • Integration with ecommerce Solutions

    Our solution also provides integration with major ecommerce platforms i.e. Magento, ZenCart, OpenCart, osCommerce as well as bespoke shopping cart as per your requirement.

  • Manage Worldwide Clients

    Easily manage and send invoices to our clients with their local languages and currencies.

Get Financial Stability

Timely Payments

Receive your payments timely by setting up auto payment reminders, automatic credit adjustments, apply late fees and many more.

Custom Reports

With the help of expense and time tracking reports calculate your productivity and ROI. With the help of payment, invoice, currency and profit / loss reports analyses and forecast your finance.

Cost Reduction (Unwanted)

Improve your economies by customizing your invoice process to your specific business requirement.

Quick business related communication is here!

Our bespoke invoicing solution, built for your business needs will redefine your viewpoint of invoicing.

  • Supplier & Customer Portal

    Monitor and manage both supplier and customer at the same time with the help of our bespoke invoice dashboard.

  • Contractors & Subcontractors

    Tracking & management of outsourced work to 3rd party suppliers is made very efficient.

  • Productivity of your team

    It is very difficult to manage large teams nowadays. Task and time tracking feature along with staff permission will improve team productivity.

  • Make Suppliers Happy

    Make your suppliers happy with the easy invoice sharing process through our solution.

  • Accurate Invoices all the time!

    Now no back and forth invoices. Get invoices approved by your team on the go with the help of automatic invoice approval process.

More productive through faster processes!

Our customized billing solution will leverage you to easy access, automated approval and efficient processes as per your organization structure.

Faster Approvals

Get faster and accurate estimates and invoices through a collaborative mechanism. With this mechanism be sure that you are sending correct invoices every time.

Invoice Templates

Flexibility to select suitable templates from pre-defined templates or ask us and we will design invoice template as per your requirement.

Single-Sign-On Account

Access your account from anywhere and from any device with the help of your single login ID. Our solution is also compatible with Android and iOS platforms.

Security is our priority!

  • Data Backup and Security

    Our solution will store your data safe and securely. It will also prevent your data from any kind of theft, loss and unauthorized access.

  • Continuous Support and Updates

    Keep your software free from issues by continuous support and regular updates.

  • Two Factor Authentication

    Enable two factor authentications to keep your account safe. A unique code-based authentication process will also make sure that your account is safe and secure.

  • Security Question for Secure Login

    You can set 10 personal security questions and answers to make your login secure and personal.

  • IP Address Restriction

    Login can be restricted for key internal users through IP address restriction.

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Enterprises face many challenges in terms of changing market trends and customer expectations. Ever-increasing competition across all industry sectors also makes it difficult for startups and SMEs to survive and thrive.

Tailored enterprise software solutions can assist companies to address these challenges and ensuring growth.


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  • We will not reveal any of your info.
  • It will be used to contact you for Project purpose only.
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