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Blockchain digital assets


Blockchain is undeniably an ingenious Technology Change – Uncontrolled yet Secure Platform. At Parity Chain we are developing various Use Cases & Applications using Cryptography & Blockchain.

What is Blockchain?

The Blockchain is an append-only transaction that is connected to the network to get decentralized ledger. The technology is accomplished by using the cryptography to link with the content in the chain where new potential are discovered on a regular basis.

Harness the potential of Distributed Ledger using Blockchain

The Blockchain technology is a new digital asset that provides a combination of Blockchain space, balance stability, and growth. We offer lots of opportunities to establish transparency using digital assets and records. We provide a unique dimension to maximize the potential of new Blockchain technologies by providing the minimum viable product to market with an ICO.

The Blockchain enables the anonymous exchange of your digital assets with gaining the comprehensive knowledge on Blockchain Technology. There’s no centralized database in Blockchain that ensures that no individual in the system has the power to modify the data. As a leading Blockchain Development Company in India and USA, we make sure to deliver smart contracts developed to check the vulnerabilities, functionality and much more. Hire our Blockchain application developers to understand your Blockchain services and meet you’re every business specification with ease.

What can you do with Blockchain?

Digital Transformation: Improving Efficiency: Unlocking New Revenue Streams.

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What all can be done.

The Blockchain is configured in different ways to achieve success in developing new business models. We create an application that provides a dynamic interface by adding custom sidechain. We bring a unique global dimension that holds a business sense perspective with having a strong projected growth and uncertainty of doing the research themselves.

Simple, Seamless & Secure.

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Blockchain Services

Safe & Secured

Our Security Center helps you backup your funds, and protect them from unauthorized access.


Hierarchical deterministic addresses, Dynamic transaction fees. Monitoring and spending from Watch Only addresses.

Node Hosting

Node Hosting

Get a complete infrastructure, higher bandwidth and natural monitoring needs with securing your network with adding great speed deliverability.

Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract Development

Use Smart Contract to deliver secure and reliable applications for private and public Blockchain network. Develop a custom building app of any solution to getting the most useful tool.

ICO Development

ICO Development

Start with conceptual token design for ICO Smart Contracts and further go with end-to-end services including deployment and maintenance.

Wallet Service Development

Wallet Service Development

Integrate with cryptocurrency to implement transaction using tokens. Ensure to have the safe management that works as an immediate transfer to the local currency.

Mining Pool Development

Mining Pool Development

Create mining pool development that helps you to define a point-to-point process to protect and verify each step within the Blockchain which records on public ledgers.

Exchange Software Development

Exchange Software Development

Lets have sustainable, high-performance and secured exchange software development as per your needs.

Why Choose Silver Touch for Blockchain?

Why Choose Silver Touch for Blockchain?

Silver Touch comes with experienced and expertise Blockchain developers that come with complete platform testing. Our experts provide exceptional tools that genuinely understand the ambitions and obstacles to change the way the systems get connected. With us, you’ll get the opportunity to capitalize on the growth of the Blockchain with getting total maintenance and service support.

Why Choose Silver Touch for Blockchain?

How to implement a
Blockchain Solution?

Implementing Blockchain is easy.

Silver Touch powers the Blockchain Solution that can tremendously enhance the integration based on technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Data Analytics and Machine learning. Automate the process and eliminate the risks of the malicious attacks by adding the complications to the single public ledger. Add value to identify the specific use case in your business to implement the Blockchain technology.

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