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Minimize spending on licensing contracts, while avoiding compliance failures and fines. We’ll act sensitively to save you money, time, and stress—to get the results you need.

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What is SAM?

Software Asset Management (SAM) is a set of processes and tools designed to help a company manage cost and reduce risk.

Significant Cost Savings and Leveraged Buying Power

Organizations often pay 25-35% too much for software, support, and maintenance costs whereas SAM optimizes the investment made in the software licensing domain. It is a process that spreads across an entire organization and applies throughout all stages of the software lifecycle.

We View Software as Strategic Business Assets

The goal of our successful SAM program is to drive by the wider business vision. A clear direction from senior management as to the strategies and policies for management, prioritization, and control of these assets is the key to the success of SAM.

About SAM

The roadmap for implementing a SAM program needs to begin with a rooted understanding. Consideration should be given to all perspectives of SAM, including the governance, maintenance of key inventories, and clarification of roles.

We can help organizations to implement an efficient and manageable SAM program, addressing principal aspects to gain greater efficiency in managing software assets.

Explore Software Asset Management with Silver Touch

What Benefits does Software Asset Management deliver?

  • Reduction in Total Cost of Software
  • Increased Knowledge and Skills
  • Secure the Right Licenses
  • Leveraged Buying Power and Benefits
  • Optimized Control and Management
  • Mitigation of Legal and Financial Risks
  • Rationalization of Inventory

Silver Touch’s Holistic Approach to SAM

Controlling Assets

Controlling Assets

Our SAM Program identifies any overlapping software assets or functionality, making your portfolio more streamlined and profitable.

Optimizing Assets

Optimizing Assets

Our Program provides a range of flexible, affordable technology tools to help you optimize and secure long term business benefits.

Supporting Assets

Supporting Assets

Whether you need partial support or a fully outsourced service, you can be confident of realizing the expected business benefits.

  • Focus on Quality

    We are relentlessly focused on data quality and pay meticulous attention to detail.

  • Vertical Specialized

    We are seasoned to the complex licensing models from the most advanced publishers.

  • Return Centered

    We always collude with our clients to achieve their desired productive outcomes.

Why Silver Touch

Software contracts and licenses are often capitalized, making software a valuable enterprise asset that requires effective management and optimal utilization.

At Silver Touch, we have distilled over 22 years of Intellectual Property and licensing expertise to render better control, visibility, and use of software assets for our clients. From risk evaluation and planning, data analytics and technology solutions to operational assistance, we have outlined our Software Asset Management and Optimization Service to help clients at different levels of SAM development, achieving results cost effectively.

Lime helps customers protect themselves from decisions based on assumptions, not facts. It enables organizations to optimize effectively.

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