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Silver ODC

Why ODC?

Whenever you think of expanding your business operations, the first things that come to mind are the increases in infrastructure and administrative overheads and a potential resource crunch. Silver Touch can offer you solutions to these omnipresent issues so that you cancontinue with your expansion plans without concern.

The most viable option nowadays is an Offshore Development Centre wherein you are freed from overheads such as recruitment, office administration, human resource management, legal management, offering technical training, and more. The primary aim of the Offshore Development Center is to lower overhead, reduce cost, make work more efficient, and develop a dedicated workforce. Ensuring transparency in business makes it easier to work coherently towards achieving the organizational goals.

Why India?

The Indian Offshore Development Market has grown into a matured market with ready-to-use or custom-made world class infrastructure, management who is eager to help, and a productive and skilled technical staff. Most multi-national companies have taken a wise and conscious decision of setting up offices in India and have done this by successfully treading the path of an ODC.

To its advantage, India has all the benefits that would lure any business to prefer this location to the rest of the world. It is the largest English-speaking country in the world, with not just immense technical knowledge but a cohesive mixture of technical, managerial, administrative, and financial expertise, as well as the skilled labor which is required to set up and run a successful offshore office.

Why SilverTouch?

Silver Touch Technologies is a leading IT services company in India and widely known for its IT solutions worldwide with a huge customer base in more than 20 countries. SilverTouch’s technical alliance with industry leaders gives it a competitive edge over its competitors and helps it to understand business requirements and provide end-to-end IT solutions. Other important reasons why you should opt for SilverTouch are as follows:

  • CMMi Level 5 certification
  • IPR Protection governed by ISO 27001 certification
  • Strong team of developers across multiple platforms and technologies
  • Habituated to working in a multi-cultural environment.
  • Capability of working across time zones
  • Technical alliances with Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Cisco, Avaya, Oracle, RedHat, and VMware
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