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Learning Solutions

Due to time pressures, inconvenience, high cost of training, and more, Learning Solutions acts as an intellectual and focused feature to upgrade advanced knowledge, and also manages information and training sessions to enhance and shapeemployees' skills.

Offering advanced learning solutions is a main target of Silver Touch. We work in various fields such asstrategic consulting, learning design, customized content, off-the-shelf content (e-learning), training delivery, high-end technology training, testing and assessment, to improve learning management of varied organizations and their costsand efficiency.

Silver Touch provides a commitment to offer high-end solutions with the perfect blend of knowledge, skills and capabilities of our professionally trained experts. With years of experience in learning environments, we have evolved true training methodologies and learning solutions to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding of clients.

  • Firstly, we plan for knowledge solution services and develop them in accordance with our aimof focusing on clients' needs and delivering exceptional results. Secondly, we focus on Solution Environment Services where our professionally experienced team manages each process precisely. Furthermore, our team can analyze and evaluate the functions to set content policy.
  • Finally, we focus on Learning Strategy Services. These services can be started once you have gained an appropriate knowledge and environmentally-based solution service. We define our vision across the market demands, establish Governance Strategy, and define unique solution environments. On this basis our specialists often update the changes which are required, in accordance with client requirements.
  • Silver Touch offers Learning Solutions you can stand by in this competitive IT market.
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