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Cloud for ERP

Cloud for ERP

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Moving your ERP solution to the cloud is the smartest decision your business can make. Once you’ve agreed that it is time to move from on-premises to a cloud solution, Silver Touch can recommend you which cloud service provider, out of myriad of choices available, will be most beneficial and you turn to?

Silver Touch with its long standing relationship and partnership with ERP vendors like SAP, Microsoft, brings the right set of people, technologies and domain expertise to drive ERP landscape transformation.

With experience, tooling and competency partnership with various cloud service providers, Silver Touch offers good cover to adopt, migrate and modernize ERP roll-outs on cloud.

Why Moving ERP to Cloud

Cloud Infrastructure

Purpose-build certified hardware infrastructure / virtual instances with stronger performance on cloud, for ERP like SAP B1 & S4 HANA

Incredible Scalability

No matter the size and reach of your business, cloud ERP resources can be scaled up or down to meet your unique business needs.

Faster Deployment

Quick start virtual instance in minutes for development, set-up training and consulting sessions within minutes.

Modernize & Enhance application landscape

Extend ERP systems to a broad and deep set of cloud services including AI/ML, IoT and Data Lake.

Security and Compliance

Securely manage remote access, protect against advanced threats & targeted attacks, and ensure compliance through centrally manage policies, regular infrastructure updates & automatic backups to geo-redundant cloud datacenters.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Assured data protection with automatic backups & replication to geo-redundant datacenters with streamlined recovery options.

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