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Training on ‘Emotional Intelligence at Organization’ by Ms. Toral Mehta

Saturday, January 5, 2019
Training on ‘Emotional Intelligence at Organization’ by Ms. Toral Mehta

Emotional Intelligence leads to the heightened self-awareness for those who own deep familiarity with one’s moods, emotions, triggers, motivations, weakness and strength. This kind of self-aware people knows what they lack and need to address.

Toral Mehta, an experienced Corporate Trainer have presented the session for Silver Touch Technologies for Business leaders, Top performers, emotional leaders within our organizations. She gave a beautiful understanding for better managing our own emotions, strength and skills. With this training, STTL team got viable solutions to create ways to develop the EI of employees within the organization.

This training was all about communicating ideas which were exchanged among board members of our organization to see the positives and emerge out of the aforementioned abilities. With giving practical examples one can eventually figure out the whether any individuals are highly emotionally intelligent or not. We highly appreciate Toral Mehta to deliver excellent training session and help us to engender a great eloquence and EI knowledge.

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