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Karmafied was picked up by close to 150 news media outlets in the last 2 days, to include Yahoo News and many others. Thanks again for all of your hard work, this site would not be a reality if it wasn't for all of your talents.
Ross Bays
The KARMA Network
SilverTouch is a professional company who deliver value for money at a high professional standard while maintaining a friendly working relationship with their customers. They understand the market and help into creating a better solution for your ICT projects. Included in the price are the enthusiastic programmers who don't hesitate to put forward their suggestions for product improvement.
One of their Account Managers turned out to be an excellent project manager and intermediary between our company and their IT department. The add-on they made for us works beautifully.
Colin de Vries
Thank you for taking care of this CRM migration. The project was well planned and well executed. Fast turn-around, smooth cut-over and well communicated. Couldn't ask for more!

Keep up the good work. Thanks.
Stephen Baehr
Triton Solutions
ST Creative has now worked with Silver Touch for about 18 months. During that time we found them to be professional, supportive and friendly.

The Silver Touch team is always prepared to go beyond normal expectations in order to deliver technological precision. Not only that, they also give great attention to design detail to always ensure a creative end result.

Silver Touch understands that as a small company we depend on a fast response time in order to ensure client satisfaction. It is to this end that they always endeavour to keep deadlines, often delivering before the required date. We find their practice of keeping UK 'office hours' a fantastic element as it means they work when we work in order to ensure good communications.
Claudia Napier
ST Creative
When a company thousands of miles away develops software for you or, in my case, an iPhone App, trust is not "a nice to have" but simply crucial. In view of the latter, I herewith express my sincere appreciation for the dedication, expertise, patience, and trustworthiness of Silver Touch Technologies Ltd and Semaphore Ltd. In both organizations, I have been working with pleasant, quality, and, at the same time, sensible business representatives, project managers and software experts. I was not only surprised by their expertise but also by their staying power. It will be a pleasure to introduce these grand companies and their people to my network, knowing that they are capable of providing safe and sound software-development services and highly effective Internet-marketing support.

The iPhone App that Semaphore Ltd developed on my behalf was approved by Apple Computer within 10 days. Considering the thousands of Apps that are submitted each week for approval, this is a record time for a paid application for which more stringent acceptance requirements apply. It might indeed be considered as an independent measure of the expertise and implementation capability of the Semaphore development team. I learned significantly from the collaborative software-development process that we followed. By and large, we went through three development waves that produced a fairly complex iPhone App, waves in which my input was responded to by the development team. In the first wave, I provided a detailed overview of all the screen layouts and a description of the key procedures behind key screens. In the second wave, I specified the flow from one screen to another.
Dr Marc van der Erve
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