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Application Migration & Modernization

It’s been observed that in spite of the turn of the Century and immense advancement in the IT industry, there are scores of applications which are still running on legacy systems and Mainframes.

The Application Migration, Modernization and Re-engineering Team at Silver Touch helps you to modernize and migrate your legacy systems to newer, faster and more efficient platforms with limited risks. We have a proven track record of successfully modernizing large mission-critical mainframe and legacy system projects for our global clientele.

Though modernizing or changing the platform of a live application may be a daunting task to think of, Silver Touch insists on doing application modernization or transformation for the following reasons:

  • Identifying and removing unwanted technology versions
  • Stabilizing and sustaining business critical software applications
  • Realizing efficiency gains with the use of latest technologies
  • Being able to add new functionality with the use of advanced capabilities of a technology platform
  • Improving application performance and usability with software application migration
  • Savings from the difficulty and expense associated with maintaining older technology
  • Staying competitive and gaining market share with software application modernization
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