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Work Culture

At Silver Touch, customer satisfaction is THE goal. We have extensive performance measurement systems to identify and encourage performance. Every extra effort that every employee puts toward customer satisfaction will be recognized.

Appreciation, promotion and growth opportunities are based on performance.

We are an equal opportunity employer. All our employees receive the same workspace, leave time, benefits and other allowances. Salaries, however, is based on the skills, technology expertise and experience that you bring to us. Our innovative human resources practices have resulted in utmost employee satisfaction, and helped us reduce attrition to under 10% annually.

We believe that respect for each individual comes before the organization. We always have our employees at the center of all that we do. This approach has proven to be very successful and almost 20% of our new recruits come to us through our employees. We now have about 800 motivated employees working with us across the world.

At Silver Touch, we have flexi-time policy, which allows employee to choose their own work time to balance their work and life. Every employee is equally empowered with defined roles and responsibilities. We assess performance with 360 degree processes.

Employee benefits are provided under the medical facility, provident fund, gratuity and insurance policy by the company. Employees are always well informed with Silver News, our monthly internal newsletter. Employees also share the intranet for collaboration and information dissemination throughout the organization.

Silver News

Silver News

Intranet Portal

Intranet Portal
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