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Training and Development

Training and development -- or "learning and development" as many refer to it now -- is one of the most important aspects of our lives and our work at Silver Touch. We highly value learning and make every effort to promote advances in our employees' knowledge.

Topics of Employee Training at Silver Touch

  • Communications: The increasing diversity of today's workforce brings a wide variety of languages and customs
  • Technical skills: Employees are provided on the job training as well as classroom training for skill improvements
  • Customer service: Increased competition in today's global marketplace makes it critical that employees understand and meet the needs of customers
  • Diversity: Diversity training usually includes explanations about how people have different perspectives and views, and includes techniques to value diversity
  • Ethics: Today's society has increasing expectations about corporate social responsibility. Also, today's diverse workforce brings a wide variety of values and morals to the workplace
  • Human relations: The increased stresses of today's workplace can include misunderstandings and conflict. Training can help people get along better in the workplace
  • Quality initiatives: Initiatives such as CMMi Level 5, ISO 20000, ISO 27001 require basic training about quality concepts, guidelines and standards for quality
  • Sexual harassment: Sexual harassment training usually includes careful description of the organization's policies about sexual harassment, especially about what are inappropriate behaviors

Industry Certification

Silver Touch encourage employees to certify themselves in latest technical certification from reputed vendors like Microsoft, IBM, Sun, RedHat, and VMWare. Silver Touch has special programs to enhance the technical skills of each employee and provide them with a strong career path.

Skill Matrix and Skill upgradation

Our HR Department maintains the current Skill Matrix of each employee with respect to skills acquired on the job or with training and certification. This skill matrix is accessible to the Project Management office to ensure the right skills are on the project.

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