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Team Capabilities

Integrations with External Systems:

  • Integration with .NET based adapters
  • Integration With Yahoo Finance
  • Integration with Google API (Google Map, Google Chart, Google Docs, Gtalk, etc
  • Integration with MS Office (Microsoft office, Microsoft outlook)
  • Use of Integration API (Organization, Partner, Apex,  Metadata, Delegated Authentication)
  • Integration with outside system for file Import / export using Apex email services
  • Integration using Http WebRequest and data parsing through regular expressions
  • Mobile integration
  • Integrationusing BOOMI (Cloud Integration Tool) with external systems such as Sugar CRM, Quickbooks, Oracle Financials, Seibel etc.

Customized Development:

  • Customer / Partner Portal development
  • Creation of custom Apex Job scheduler
  • Creation of Web services in SFDC and capturing outside Web Services (SOAP/REST both)
  • Implement Public Site
  • Customized statistical analysis of leads based on conversions and closures
  • Import data using file IO
  • Development of Custom controls such as Custom pick-list creation using Visual force page

Installation and Deployments:

  • Creation of Managed and Unmanaged Packages
  • Creation of test link to test the packages
  • Upload of installation packages to Appexchange as a product

Authentication and Authorization:

  • Single sign on (Using Delegated authentication)(Studied but didn’t tried with federated authentication)
  • Site authentication
  • Customized user access to create groups of users and limit the access of groups and users
  • Approval process based on defined hierarchy in the org

Other Areas:

  • CRM Features such as lead management, opportunity management, case management etc.
  • Inbuilt features implementation such as SFDC Knowledge base,  SFDC Document management etc.
  • Development related to APEX, Visual force Pages, Workflow, Approval Process, Sharing rules,  PDF generation, Security (Profile, Role, Group, User), Test classes (Considering Governor limits and coding guidelines)
  • Dynamic HTML and PDF generation
  • All Native functionality like VF Pages, Apex class, Triggers, Workflow Rules, Approval Processes, Custom Reports, Email Services, etc…
  • Use of tools such as Apex Data Loader, Excel Connector, Apex Explorer, Eclipse (IDE)
  • Security Source Code Scanner – for code security, reduce run time bugs and improve performance
  • Implementation of Chatter for systematic hierarchical communication within the org
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