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Strategic Backup Management - Data Vaulting Services

Silver Touch offers you data vaulting services to place your important data offsite where it can be protected from disasters like floods, fire, theft, earthquakes, terrorism, etc.

Any organization leader should be asking the following questions:

  • Have you backed up your critical data away from your main site?
  • Would it survive disasters like floods, fires, earthquakes, theft, etc.?
  • Do you believe your data is protected against any disaster?
  • Do you protect your data using standard practices?

If the answer to any of these questions is No, you need to stop and take a hard look. Silver Touch’s Data Vaulting Services is the right answer.

Key Benefits:

  • Fire resistant vaults
  • Cost effective
  • Pickup and delivery (secured and insured logistics)
  • Availability 24x7

Process driven by professionals

Silver Touch has gained expertise in offering services for data vaulting so that you can ensure business continuity by storing the media inside world-class fire-resistant vaults, kept in a temperature-controlled environment. In addition to that, Silver Touch offers you secured and insured logistics as a value-added service.

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