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Application Performance Tuning


When software applicationsare developed, the development team must consider business need, expected usage, hardware on which each application is deployed, internet connectivity and more.Together, these parameters are responsible for the overall performance of any application.


Changes in business needs or any of the other parameters mentioned abovecan lead to application performance decreases. It is very important to have the optimum speed of applications to increase productivity of the organization. This is why performance tuning of applications is so important.

How we do it at Our Test Lab?

At Silver Touch, we pay close attention to of every aspect of system and application stability. Based on our experience with a variety of front- and back- ends, servers, web-based applications etc., we have empirically derived benchmarks for performance, load, volume and stress. When we use these in conjunction with industry-accepted benchmarks, we can analyze each aspect of software and hardware to determine overall performance capabilities.

Load, size, throughput, round time, transaction time, connect time, send time, response time, process time, average latency, receive time, disk memory and CPU utilization are just a few of the parameters that we closely study. Response parameters of each activity are monitored under various loads and concurrent usage to check for failure. We also determine important aspects of load, volume and hardware thresholds for a given number of users.

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