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Manufacturing has come a long way in our increasingly globalized world. Silver Touch has made significant advances in customer satisfaction and meeting market demands in the manufacturing sector. We have carved out a key place for ourselves in this competitive market by offering outsourcing manufacturing environments to our offshore clients. We have adopted the Collaborative Manufacturing, Planning and Scheduling (CMPS) service to help serve our clients better in the future and get better visibility. Our manufacturing services are aimed at assisting you to build a healthy rapport with your suppliers, distributors, logistics providers and retailers in order to create a more trusted and cooperative business partnership.

To stay ahead of others in this competitive market, we have incorporated the latest technologies such as CAD/CAM/CAE and Enterprise IT Systems like ERP, PLM, MES, SCM, and CRM.

  • An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is an integral part of every company. All large manufacturing organizations recognizethe need for ERP solutions. Small and medium-size manufacturing organizations are in search of affordable ERP solutions. To keep pace with growing market demands, Silver Touch has adopted current technologies like Web 2.0, Web Service, SOA, SaaS, AJAX, and XML.
  • Manufacturing Executive Systems (MES) is a necessity today. MES handles and monitors the work in process. It combines information from various mediums and converts them into manufacturing intelligence data feeds that make work easier.
  • Mobile has taken over our lives, with their computer-like capabilities making them a significant substitute for computers. Mobile Marketing has emerged as a personalized way of getting in touch with your customers by sending them the latest offering and announcements. Mobile is a critically effective media channel from which you can reach out to your customers.
  • CAD/CAM/CAE systems are cost effective and efficient and are the best way to stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Integration of varied systems and solutions opens the door to expert working solutions. Our experience and knowledge in creating integration platforms is unmatched. We use the most contemporary technologies to keep your organization running smoothly.
  • We offer Enterprise Business Solutions to CIOs and Operations Managers. Our Enterprise Business Solutions deliver quality services in a cost effective manner.
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