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The healthcare and life sciences industries have advanced in leaps and bounds, with a constant evolution in research programs and technology advancements. The influx of large scale financial investment in the field of bio-technology, as well as the manufacturing and marketing of lab equipment, has lead to a tremendous increase in demand for IT services in the healthcare and life sciences industries.

Silver Touch provides heightened operational efficiencies, and reduction of administrative and delivery cost, to look after patient health and wellness through patient-centric processes and interoperable methods.

Silver Touch service offerings include:

  • Hospital collaboration management
  • Interoperability and Integrations
  • EMR / EHR product testing / enhancement / support and maintenance
  • Healthcare data management and business intelligence
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Remote infrastructure management and cloud computing

Healthcare and life sciencesis a growing market for Software Validation and Qualification, Infrastructure Management, Document Management, BPO, Business Intelligence and Application Management. SilverTouch caters to requirements in the healthcare and life sciences industries by providing IT enabled services such as Application Management, Testing, Web Portal Development, Enterprise Collaboration, Business Intelligence and System Integration.

Our special methodologies include:

  • Risk assessment and mitigation planning
  • Feasibility studiesand documentation
  • Project execution within budgets, timelines and regulatory requirements

Our visual proposition targets to structure your advancements from a smaller start to the actual market field. Our company provides Enterprise Application Integration collaboration of clinical, financial and administrative information to meetyour customers' demands.

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