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Windows Mobile

Microsoft came up with a compact version of the widely used desktop version of the Windows Operating System, which is known as the Windows Mobile Platform. It is still a highly preferred Mobile Application platform for technical as well as non-technical reasons due to its vast and rich feature list.

Because we are a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, Silver Touch has complete know-how of this platform and has developed quality-rich apps for smart phones, pocket PCs, automobile PCs, portable media centers and more. The needs of current apps leads to excitement and a kind of challenge for developers to come up with creative solutions. Windows apps offer various capabilities like that of browsing the internet, sending and receiving emails, viewing and editing your scheduled appointments, and much more. Windows is particularly user-friendly.

Windows Mobile Apps Developers at Silver Touch set-up custom-made Windows apps to smooth out your workflow at cost-effective prices. The Windows Mobile Apps Development industry is one of the most soughtafter sectors by developers and users for downloading current and updated apps for Windows Mobiles. Silver Touch employees deploy some of the best in the business to cater clients exclusively.

Some of what we ensure when developing an application for Windows Mobile are

  • Usage of short pages and links for next and previous pages for easy navigation
  • Fewer requirements for text input
  • Flash content in compressed format for best screen effects
  • Multi-browser compatibility to enable applications to work on the different browsers provided by handset manufacturers

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