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Windows 8 Development

Windows 8 Development

Twitter, Dropbox and many other high profile applications are among those being tailored to the Windows 8 platform- What about yours?

Windows 8 is the next big thing on the technology forefront following Apple iOS and Android, especially if you plan to harness a seamless user interface for Smartphone, Tablet PC and desktops. Be there before the others and get a winning edge for your ideas!

Silver Touch is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has the requisite skill set and manpower for developing your next Windows 8 application using C#, XAML, Silverlight, HTML5 and Javascript.

Silver Touch has been developing in Microsoft Technology for over 20 years. We have catered to the requirements of enterprise organizations for custom software, desktop applications, enterprise applications, web-based applications, SaaS-based applications and Ecommerce Applications.

Silver Touch has also been developing in Silverlight and HTML5 for two years giving us an edge over other organizations. Silver Touch has also been actively developing iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile applications,giving us an advantage in understanding UI and implementation of all Mobility solutions.

Our experience and expertise includes but is not limited to:

  • Smartphone Application UI designing including Metro UI as introduced in Windows 8
  • Smartphone andTablet Application development
  • 20 years experiencewith Microsoft Technology
  • 200+ Smartphone / Tablet Apps delivered
  • Enterprise Application development
  • Large and small project execution
  • Multiple platform application development
  • 3rd party API integrations
  • Backend development with Web Services API for communications.
  • Data Caching and Synchronization with live server
  • Dedicated Resource Outsourcing

Your applications can harness the with power of Windows 8 using native features like Geo-location services, Proximity Sensors, Gestures & multi-touch, Background agents, Data caching and Synchronization, Cloud Storage and Camera.

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