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Software Asset Management

An Overview on LIME Software

Lime Software (Software Asset Management System) was jointly conceived by Silver Touch Technologies Limited and Precognosys Ltd. Lime is targeted at helping global customers with Software Asset Management for Oracle Technology. This unique collaboration resolves a key customer problem of being unable to make informed procurement decisions.

This problem of customers for Oracle Technology Software was resolved by Lime Software, as it is aimed at maintaining complex licensing rules by keeping a record of the budget spent. Lime is designed to offer cost effective solutions with a complete integrated license position without compromising on performance. In a nutshell, Lime software is an Oracle licensing solution designed to offer you the most robust services for managing software assets. Three of its most dynamic solutions are the Lime Inventory Tool, the Lime Discovery Tool and the Lime License Manager.

LIME Inventory Tool

The usage of Oracle Database, Application Server and e-Business Suite software is monitored by the Lime Inventory Tool which acts as their Inventory, Metering and Discovery engine. Lime Inventory Tool integrates seamlessly into the Lime License Manager.

  • Zero Infrastructure Implementation: Absolutely no infrastructure, middleware or databases are required for deployment. Your inventory can be counted within days, instead of months.
  • Zero Server Footprint Technology: To connect and collect inventory, it uses standard JDBC and PL/SQL.
  • Zero-Agent Installation: There is Zero-Agent installation with Lime's Inventory Tool which ensures quick and effective auditing with zero complex implementation steps.
  • Auto Discovery: With the use of Port Scanning and SNMP, auto discovery of your entire Oracle infrastructure is possible.
  • Core Processor Inventory: Lime reports the necessary CPU information that is required to enable clarity in Processor Licensing.
  • Operating System Discovery: Auto-discovery of all Operating Systems and Versions.
  • Enhanced Meta-Data Input: Gathers additional data as required by Oracle, Licensing information, Organization details, Licensing Types, CSI numbers and deployment scenarios. Make sure you have the complete data at hand in case your business is subjected to a full audit.
  • Oracle Database Options: Lime Inventory Tool collects the most minute details about the installation and usage of Oracle Database Options as well as displaying the options that require licensing and the ones that do not. The software ensures that your business is not paying extra for Oracle technologies that it is not using.
  • Oracle Application Server Support: Lime Inventory Tool gives a quick view of all Application Server Options installed and in use. It is the sole product that audits the usage of Oracle Application Server.
  • Multiple Database Instance Reporting: Lime Inventory Tool delivers a single report across DB Instances on any host. Deploy Oracle Database on Production, Stage, Test and Development in virtualized environments and Lime Inventory Tool will report on the usage of all the Database options as a whole, conforming to Oracle's License rules.
  • Oracle e-Business Suite Support: Keeps a record of the full inventory of all usage by Primary and Secondary Roles for all e-Business Suite applications as well as checks with Oracle application server for installed yet chargeable components.
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager: Lime Inventory Tool combines and collects detailed data about whether Oracle Enterprise Manager Options are in use. Also checks on License Agreements acceptance, usage by Database and Grid control.
  • Report Aggregation: Lime has over 20 standard reports, showing usage of your Oracle investment. Our reports have been designed to ensure that customers can quickly make informed purchasing and compliance decisions.

Lime software can easily integrate with many leading Software Asset Management Solutions, through XML and CSV Exports.

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LIME License Manager

Through Lime Software, Oracle Software Licensing Management becomes cost effective.

The Lime License Manager is our focused approach to assisting customers in Oracle Licensing based on the ISO 19770 Standard for Software Asset Management. The foundation is our Product Catalogue, a complete definition and rule-based approach to all Oracle License Terms and Conditions since the 1990's.

  • Product Catalogue: Lime License Manager has over 2,000 items detailing historic licensing rules, product names, versions and applicable license metrics. Full listing of all Licensable Oracle Products since the 1990's.
  • Contract Management: Lime License Manager allows you to import all your contracts and validate with respective products, which will help you to allocate with Oracle Inventory.
  • Inventory Management: Lime License Manager allows you to import your total inventory generated from our Lime Inventory Tool and validate it for License Evaluation.
  • Oracle License Status: Evaluation of actual license position based on Inventory and Contract allocation is the core part of Lime License Manager.

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