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SilverODC Business Models

Build Operate & Transfer

Build, Operate, and Transfer is the most typical business model adopted when setting up an Offshore Development Center. The initial phase is “Build,” in which an ODC is set up to match the client’s requirements, e.g., the physical infrastructure such as office equipment and the complete development environment. Every specific requirement of the client is catered to by supplying the resources for work and by managing the entire ODC. Consequently, the client is free from the daily hassles of managing and supervising an entire ODC.

After this phase is accomplished, the next phase is to operate the ODC. The Operatephase sets up the implementation of the functional process which is critical to handle correctly. Thorough evaluation is done to set up the communication protocols and operational efficiency/reporting structures. Specific roles and responsibilities are assigned to specific programmers. The following detailed aspects are taken care of in the Operate Phase:

Recruitment: For successful project implementations, Silver ODC recruits the most talented and skilled employees to be part of global offerings. The client and the service provider decide upon the terms and conditions of the performance appraisals of employees that assess their their overall performance, capabilities and contributions.

Security: Silver ODC understands customer's security concerns. Hence, it provides server security, biometric access, firewall protection, anti-virus protection, among other measures to safeguard crucial data.

Bridging cross cultural gap: Elimination of cross-culture differences is achieved by having employees of Silver Touch visit to the client's country or having client employees visit the Offshore Development Center with the aim of sharing work tactics, sharing technical knowledge, and a full exchange of useful information to make the project deployment seamless and a perfect fit.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR): Employees in-agreement with the back-to-back contract policies are hired and passed on the rights and obligations of carrying out work for the client, enabling them access to critical information with a trust that will be carefully developed and managed.

Management Review: Silver ODC carries out management reviews on quarterly basis. Future plans are discussed and analyzed along with product roll-outs, visibility checks, etc. with a focus on measuring and improving every possible area.

Finally, once the ODC is successfully launched, an option is given to the client to take over the ownership of the office. All necessary legal compliances are adhered to and Silver Touch will continue to help with the management of the office from our end as required. This allows you to own a branch office without the hassles of day-to-day management and operational issues.


  • Large IT talent pool in India with excellent English speaking skills
  • Full control over operation of India center
  • Utmost transparency in day-to-day operations
  • Expedited time to market
  • Multi-technology diversification
  • Lower marginal capital investment to operating expenses
  • Multi-national operation exposure
  • Improved cross-culture manpower
  • CMMi-5 compliant processes
  • Long-term business sustainability

Virtual In House

Under our Virtual In-House program, we assist our clients in fulfilling their software development outsourcing requirements utilizing our skilled and dedicated software developers, to build state-of-the-art software by working from our fully equipped lab located in India. Our expert developers will be at your service from the initial phase of gathering requirements until the entire software application is completed and delivered to you or your clients. This will take care of any immediate requirement of outsourced software development during the year. Our creative offshore software developers will work for your virtual software development, under your guidance. We will help you in the following ways to setup your virtual team, which will be operated in India.

  • Our HR team will mobilize the resources to put on your project
  • We will setup the complete infrastructure required for development, including desktops, servers, internet connectivity, printers, scanners, web cameras, video conferencing, etc.
  • Project Management Tool – this software will give you full visibility into the work flow through monitoring their daily tasks
  • Our retention mechanism and bench policy will ensure uninterrupted software development for your projects
  • If you want to venture into newer technologies, we will give you developers for any technology required by you
  • We will build strong capability for you in software development with a hassle-free operation

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