Mobile Gaming

Mobile Game Development

Initially, a device built only for calling, is today one of the most tech-savy gadgets in the world - compatible of running varied apps on its interface. It's a full entertainment package! So when Mobile and games were brought together they became gateway to a whole new arena of mobile game development industry.

Today, with touch and smart phones in the market, mobile gaming has reached the next higher level altogether. Notable advancements in development and technological tools have resulted into giving rise to better possibilities and capabilities in creative game development. The mobile phone, a multi-tasker, performs every task accurately on time which has made it an integral part of our lives.

Silver Touch Technologies Ltd offers Mobile Game Development technology with the aim of providing custom built cutting-edge mobile game development to clientele base spread globally. Our game developers possess profound knowledge in mobile game development and global exposure on the same, hence, they are very well acquainted with the demands and requirements of clients.

The ownership of mobiles has crossed billions today and in no time will it cross trillions soon! This dual gadget of work and play, is widely and majorly used as a gaming device internationally. Therefore, the gaming industry is striving to create some of the most classic games for interested gamers with the help of creative mobile game developers. Games like Tetris and Snakes were among the first and most popular games ever. Hence, we aim to develop such classic games with our best team of game developers.

Some of our milestones in the Mobile Gaming zone are:

  • Experts in 2D Animation
  • Game based on MultiTouch, Accelerometer, Shake Feature
  • Developed successful applications like Cocos2d, Cocos3d, Physical engine, OpenFient, Custom Gestures, Physics Games, Card games, Puzzle Games, Platform games and Board Games.