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IT Process Consulting

Any IT Solutions provider needs to consider why fewer than 34% of IT projects are successfully completed in terms of on-time delivery, cost and quality parameters. By and large, the failures are due to lack of proper process, immaturity of processes, and lack of compliance to industry-accepted governance frameworks. Silver Touch IT Process Consulting thrives to meet day to day IT challenges to make most out of every opportunity in a creative way. To ascertain whether they are in need of IT process Consulting, all organizations need to do is to answer these simple questions:

  • Is IT aligned to meet business objectives?
  • Are the IT processes robust enough to successfully manage IT investments andprojects
  • Are the IT process robust enough to manage daily vendor performance?

If the answers are in agreement then our ingenious IT Solutions are here to help enhance every corner of your organization's productivity. Our experienced team of IT Process Consultants are experts in observing, analyzing and reporting the gaps between the expected, perceived and actual derivatives of any IT project. We make use of numerous statistical tools to find the deviations that lead to delay and cost overruns in the delivery of projects, which only leads to a dissatisfied customer.

Our IT consultants specializein the following areas:

  • Enhancing productivity of delivery teams
  • Improve the quality of services
  • Faster project delivery
  • Cost optimization
  • Marginal utilization of resources

We offer high quality IT consulting services and IT outsourcing. Our deeply experienced and skillful IT consultants,use innovative yet simple strategies of economics wherein we minimize unproductive assets and resources and maximize highly productive resources. This practice reduces the overall operational expenditures, increases productivity and maximizes profits.

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