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Portal Development

Businesses are depending more and more on virtual market share rather than the brick and mortar market share, resulting in fiercer competition in the virtual market, that is, the Internet market.

The Internet is a an ocean of information, requires various portals. Our main target at Silver Touch is to create easy-to-use and rich-in-navigation portals. A great Online Portal is crucial in business since it determines the ratio of conversion of website visitors to prospects and finally buying customers.

Silver Touch exceeds at Web Portal Design and Web Portal Development. We make Portal Development innovative and interactive for you and your clients.

Our strength and expertise lies in Ecommerce Website Design and Ecommerce Website Development for Ecommerce companies. Our professional Portal Development team's primary focus is the look and feel of the website, including the design and layout. The way the products catalogue is maintained, the ease of handling the shopping cart and editing it during the shopping process, the ease in making a secure payment is all dependent on how well the portal is developed and managed by the business owner.

The Portal Development team at Silver Touch also caters to the needs of developing internal websites, intranets, etc. on SharePoint and other platforms. With its internal team of expert designers as well as developers having in-depth knowledge of platforms like Magento, Joomla, OsCommerce, etc., Silver Touch has made a mark in the industry of Ecommerce with its dynamic portal development services.

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