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Enterprise Content Management

Silver Touch has a focused approach with regard to organization-wide content management. In a few industries, many regulations have been passed regarding managing enterprise level content. Numerous steps need to be taken to make companies comply tothese regulationsRecently, companies have been penalized for non-compliance with regulations for mishandling of critical business data. Silver Touch is well aware of these risks and can help you overcome them at the enterprise level.

Content management is among the highest priorities of any enterprise. Taking this into account, Silver Touch's focused Content Management Practice provides the advantage of a systematic approach to its clients, employees and all other stakeholders, which in turn leads to proper management of critical business data.

Silver Touch has been in the IT services industry for more than a two decades now and clearly understands the need and importance of protecting the valuable intellectual property of clients, employees and all other stakeholders who are directly or indirectly associated with the company.

In the ever-advancing field of technology, Silver Touch has evolved and enhanced its processes over time. We have adopted the best practices in the industry and have formulated a consultative approach towards managing the content of our customers. We offer exclusive Content Management Solutions, Enterprise Content Management, Web Content Management Systems, as well as Open Source Content Management System services.

We deploy world-class tools such as WordPress, LifeRay, and Drupal, give full control of properly managed content to our clients. Use of these open sources have leveraged our client’s capabilities and made them more independent when minor changes or enhancements are needed to their content online.

Standing apart from all the open source content management systems available in the market and the ones ruling the industry, Silver Touch has created a super-specialized product offering known as the Silver CMS©.

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