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Document Management System

Silver Touch's Document Management System enables quick and easy management of documents. With enhanced capabilities, we ensure documentation management services for large or small businesses. With our Document Management System on your side, your overall performance increases substantially along with improving your work proficiency.

The complex tasks of storing, organizing, and managing documents is taken care of by our Document Management System Services. Silver Touch offers best-of-class Electronic Document Management services to its esteemed clients.

The constant evolution in IT sector technologies has advanced the functionality of services and their capabilities. Similarly, Document Management Systemshave come a long way, becoming completely electronic, and saving thousands of hours of work. Our Document Management System lowers cost, saves time and organizes your crucial business data in aneasy to access manner. The Silver Touch team collects data from a wide variety of resources and compiles them systematically in one place, reducing the chances of data loss. Our system also keeps your data more secure and safe from unauthorized usage. Its grouping of data in a more condensed fashion, placed under relevant categories, makes data easily searchable, accessible and secure. Silver Touch’s Document Management System is a superb way of handling complex document management needs.!

With our Document Management System comes coordination:

  • Importing and converting data from all kinds of sources to add to the vast bundle of data is easier with documentation
  • Only authorized personnel can access crucial business data and can do so from anywhere. Consequently, a number of authorized company employees can access the data at the same time.
  • Managing your enormous email account will be of no trouble. We manage all your incoming and outgoing emails and organize them properly.
  • Recovery of archived files can be achieved by retrieval from the Archive section, minimizing future data disasters.
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