• Stock Inventory Management

    This Extension for Magento®, provides ability to site administrator to update product quantities by importing .csv file. Stock quantities must be imported in our provided productupdate.csv file format. Stock Inventory Management allows the administrator to schedule Cron job time as per their requirements in one file.

    Compatibility: Magento community edition: 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,,,,,1.8,1.9

    Stock Inventory Management

Stock Inventory Management


Core Features:
  • Admin can update the quantity of products manually OR automatically.
  • To update quantity of product automatically, site administrator need to set specific time for cron job to run and import CSV. Every Day cron file will run and updates product quantity accordingly. Administrator can change the schedule of cron as per your requirement.
  • To update quantity of product manually, site admin can run our one file in browser address bar. This file will reside in root folder. Basically this is manual trigger of cron job instead of waiting for cron to run at predefined time. When a file is run in browser address bar, it will import CSV and update quantity accordingly.
  • Once a CSV is imported, that CSV file will be moved to "backup" directory/folder as a backup with its date and time added in file name. These backup files needs to be removed manually. This backup files will help trace product quantity whenever required.
  • To update the specific Product quantity, admin need to define various product attributes like type, SKU and quantity in productupdate.csv.

Other Information:
  • This extension will work for English language only.
  • This extension supports all products types of Magento®.
  • This extension can be used for single domain only. For more domains, you can make additional purchases of the same extension.

Known Issues:
  • This extension does not work with following Magento® CE versions:
  • Magento® CE Version-

    Magento® CE Version-

  • Interface for setting up a cron run time is NOT included in this extension. However, it can be set in \app\code\local\Sttl\Productupdate\etc\config.xml.
  • Once productupdate.csv is imported, it is moved to one BACKUP folder with its date and time.All backup files in this folder must be deleted manually.
  • Magento® main cron must be set to run for automatic cron job based update.

  • Please click here to download sample productupdate.csv for updating stock using our extension.

  • Please turn OFF compilation before installing extension and after installing extension , check functionality and then turn ON compilation.


  • Stock Inventory Management Stock Management-1
  • Stock Inventory Management Stock Management-2
  • Stock Inventory Management Stock Management-3
  • Stock Inventory Management Stock Management-4

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  1. ebozzetti says: Great tool for customers that want to automate their inventory updates. Very simple to install, works great!!!

    Posted on: Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Questions and Answers


Which Magento® Versions does this Extension Supports?

Stock Management is Compatible with Magento® community versions 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,,,,,1.8,1.9

Should I need to turn OFF compilation at the time of installing this extension?

Yes, Please turn OFF compilation before installing extension and after installing extension , check functionality and then turn ON compilation.

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