• Slot Booking

    This Extension enables the user to Book Slot same as Shipping Method.

    Compatibility: Magento® community edition: 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,,,1.8,1.9

    Slot Booking

Slot Booking


  • Slot Booking extension provides facility to add the Slot.
  • Import or Export Slot Booking.
  • Import or Export Slot Timing.
  • Admin can select the week off days from the configuration.
  • You can manage (add/edit) cut off time (like: 9 AM) for each slot from admin.
  • Also added feature, If 10 AM - 01 PM slot is there and its cut off time is 8 AM then We have checked if customer has selected slot on 7:58 AM and after it, he has placed order on 8:01 AM then customer will get error that you can not use slot of 10 AM - 01 PM, please select other available slots.
  • You can get functionality by which customer can choose for disable /enable slot booking block on home page and cart page.
  • You can get option in backend to display cut off time in frontend (enable/disable).
  • After placing order , Slot details will be visible on all places like Recent orders in My Account, order details in backend,invoice and shipment.
  • Now you can place order through admin using slot booking feature.

  • Please turn OFF compilation before installing extension and after installing extension , check functionality and then turn ON compilation.


  • Slot Booking Book Delivery box
  • Slot Booking Place Order
  • Slot Booking shipping method
  • Slot Booking add new slot booking
  • Slot Booking add slot timing
  • Slot Booking Delete
  • Slot Booking shopping cart
  • Slot Booking create new order from backend
  • Slot Booking slot booking import - export
  • Slot Booking Book Delivery slot panel
  • Slot Booking manage slot booking
  • Slot Booking configurations
  • Slot Booking configurations 1
  • Slot Booking configurations 2
  • Slot Booking Settings
  • Slot Booking Slot timing import-export
  • Slot Booking settings
  • Slot Booking Order View
  • Slot Booking Manage Slot
  • Slot Booking Bok delivery slot - admin
  • Slot Booking Delivery details - My Account
  • Slot Booking Book slot - chckout

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  1. mhdalamoudi says: This is a great product, I am using it on my website, it does exactly as it is described to do, with some very minor bugs and limitations. For example, there is no handling fee option, minimum amount can't be disabled (and doesn't seem to work), some dates are not easy to format so the customer has to switch from one style to another on the same site and some work in the backend would be nice for the dates displayed correctly. Despite all that, I think the developers seem to be on top of their email and are always there to help and fix issues. Plus the price is great (consider it a McDonald's meal)

    Posted on: Wednesday, September 10, 2014

  2. mhdalamoudi says: Chintan is a very friendly and professional software developer. If you have any issue he will be more than glad to help out. I wanted to add slot booking with other methods of shipping however the version I had was conflicting with core modules. They promptly replied to my email and fixed it by updating the software. I believe the software is error free now (unless something pops up in the future which I highly doubt since I've tested it entirely). This software helps my customers book slots depending on availability. Compared to other products in the market this is affordable and gets the job done! Definitely looking forward for other products from this group.

    Posted on: Wednesday, September 10, 2014

  3. Mohamed Al-Amoodi says: A+ software and A+ support. the software helped my customers book delivery slot efficiently and made deliveries quick too

    Posted on: Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Questions and Answers


Which Magento® Versions does this Extension Supports?

Slot Booking is Compatible with Magento® community versions 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,,,1.8,1.9

Should I need to turn OFF compilation at the time of installing this extension?

Yes, Please turn OFF compilation before installing extension and after installing extension , check functionality and then turn ON compilation.

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