• Search by Multiple Keywords

    This Extension provides a new feature to search products by entering multiple keywords in search text-area. User can enter multiple search words either separated by comma, or by pressing enter key. Search results will be displayed for listed multiple options. User will have the facility to select specific search to reach to the search detail page.

  • Prolog Logistic Integration

    This Extension provides you a facility to synchronize your inventory and order data with Prolog logistic software: www.prologlogistics.com

  • Stock Inventory Management

    This Extension for Magento®, provides ability to site administrator to update product quantities by importing .csv file. Stock quantities must be imported in our provided productupdate.csv file format. Stock Inventory Management allows the administrator to schedule Cron job time as per their requirements in one file.

  • Mobile App

    Silver Touch makes MCommerce a reality!

  • Visitor Tracking

    This Extension allows you to view the customer referrer information along with visitor IP address. You can also export this report into CSV / XML format or schedule cron job for the same.

  • Product Selling and Grossing Report

    This extension allows you to view top products sold (Sold Qty Wise) and top grossing products (Gross Amount Wise). You can also export this report to CSV / XML format. You can track product sales by SKU Report Widget.

  • Brand Shopping

    This extension allows you to create a new category as brand and under this category you can create no. of brands(Sub Categories), so customer can view your store by Brand also with separate link on your front-end store.

  • Display Product By Zip Code

    This extension show collection as per your client location. Without doing any tricky code. Increase your sale by showing collection which is relevant to client location.

  • AuthorizeCIM

    This Extension allows you to store customer's sensitive payment information on secure servers. This method is fully PCI compliant, which is why it does not store any CVV information. AuthorizeCIM is very useful as one of the payment methods in Magento®.

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