With the GST roll-out scheduled for July 1st, its time to give your business a quick GST Health Check to find out where you stand in terms of GST compliance


Please rate expected IMPACT of GST on your business?

End to End Business process and technology change (e.g. Procurement, Sales, Distribution, Reporting, IT Applications etc.)

Reduction of location based tax incentives (duty exemptions, tax payment deferment, SEZ/EOU Benefits, export of services etc.)

Contractual Arrangements with Key Vendors and Customers on various aspects (pricing, credit terms, information requirements)

Working capital management on account of requirement of reconciliation of purchase / sale transactions with vendors / customers through technology systems

Overall technology spend and transition, change management


Please rate current READINESS of your business?

Level of awareness of GST Requirement, Impact assessments at process / department level and plan for implementation

Decisions related to change of key business locations (Manufacturing site, warehouses)

Review of all key contracts and commencement of changes to the terms with vendors and customers

availability of appropriate technology support to facilitate reconciliation of all purchase and sale transactions with vendors and customers

Readiness level of overall technology infrastructure, applications and process



Have you completed discussion with vendors and customer for integration / alignment of key business processes under the GST scenario?

Are you ready with appropropriate technology and business process infrastructure for time bound compliance requirements related to data compilation, return preparation, filing and Reconciliation with Vendors and Customers?

Is the internal business, process and Technology team aware of the changes required to business process and readiness levels?

Have you formulated the Business Process and Technology Migration plan with clear timelines for implementation of GST?


Are you ready with the following key preparatory steps required for GST implementation? (If yes indicate the proposed timeline)

Particulars Yes No  
Establishment of GST core team
Responsibility Matrix  
GST Roll-out Timeline
Training of key employees  
Necessary budgetory allocations of GST roll-out
Product/Services Pricing  
Computer System – software
Computer System- hardware